Rebel Wilson, Cosmopolitan UK

Cosmopolitan / Frederic Auerbach

Rebel Wilson really is the end-all and be-all. Or, since she's Cosmopolitan U.K.'s January 2016 cover girl, maybe she's the begin-all too.

The Pitch Perfect star has fittingly been named the magazine's Ultimate Woman of the Year, and she opened up to Cosmo recently about her career and how not looking like everybody else in Hollywood made her the star she is today.

"Being unique and different was a really good thing," the Australian actress explained. "When I walked into my agent's office for the first time, they looked at me and said, 'Wow, we have nobody on our books like you.' And they signed me on my second day here."

Rebel Wilson, Cosmopolitan UK

Cosmopolitan / Frederic Auerbach

The 35-year-old confessed, "I wouldn't ever want to compete with what I call 'the glamours'—the really gorgeous people. I'm about the brain, the heart and what's on the inside. I feel really lucky to be the body type I am."

Asked about her relationship with food, Wilson reminds us of us when she says, "I love me some ice cream or dessert, and it comes at times when I'm happy or sad. So when I have an incredibly successful day, I want to celebrate and reward myself with food."

Food also serves as comfort for Wilson after a "sad or stressful day," and while the sweatshirt she recently bought that says "Food is my only friend" on it is obviously meant to be funny("I thought it was really cute"), the actress admits that eating is her vice of choice. "I don't do drugs; I don't really eating is my one vice," she says. "I wouldn't ever want to totally give it up."

Wilson does work out though, five days a week with a trainer and hiking and tennis on Saturdays—"but I don't do it 100 percent," she insists. "I'm not a maniac!"

Rebel Wilson, Cosmopolitan UK

Cosmopolitan / Frederic Auerbach

The star, who first stood out as Kristen Wiig's ridiculous housemate in Bridesmaids, has made some other funny friends since arriving in L.A. back in 2009.

Jennifer Lawrence "is just the most naturally hilarious person," Wilson gushed when asked about her friendship with the Oscar winner. "She's way funnier than me and a real story-teller. If she was in a comedy she'd smash it. We'll hang out or have a barbecue. That's the cool thing about living here—you get to meet so many people you respect and work with."

PHOTO: Bizarre celebrity friendships

We can totally imagine this dynamic duo killing it together on screen. Maybe there's a part for Wilson in the movie that Lawrence and Amy Schumer wrote together...

Either way, it sounds as though that friendship is the type of relationship Wilson is focusing on these days.

"I'm very independent and have been single for most of my life," she explained to Cosmo. "I see people who are very co-dependent and I think they're missing out on life. It's good because I do whatever the hell I want. My mum really sacrificed her life when she started having us kids, and so she always encouraged us to go out there and chase after our dreams and live our lives. I'm hoping the right guy will come along. But if it doesn't happen I'm alright. I'm a very independent lady and I've got my own stuff going on."

Her own stuff including the upcoming comedy The Brothers of Grimsby with Sacha Baron Cohen—and apparently they get frisky onscreen!

"My agent said I'm quite sexy in the film," Wilson dished. "And that's weird because I'm deliberately trying to be grotesque—but apparently it comes off as kind-of hot."

She is the ultimate woman after all. Check out Cosmo U.K.'s full interview with Rebel Wilson in the January 2016 issue, on sale Dec. 1.

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