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In what appears to have been a desperate attempt to relate to the millennial generation, IHOP recently hired your parents to man its Twitter account. Or maybe your inappropriate uncle.

The following are real tweets, followed by an awkward apology for throwing a sexist boob joke in the mix. The tweet, which shows a stack of pancakes and the caption "flat, but has a GREAT personality," caused a considerable stir in the Twittersphere. While we get that maybe this is just IHOP's Miley moment, and we need to let them shed their Hannah Montana wig in peace, some of these tweets should've been tamed.

Take note, society, here's what happens when you pretend to be somebody you're not. 

Dad, no. 

Are you guys going to explain what "jockin'" and "#flex" means to our grandma when we show up to brunch this weekend? 

Lowkey hired a 14-year-old to write this tweet, too. Talk Tumblr to me, bb! 

Take a breath, IHOP. Don't you know that as long as there are stoners and senior citizens, your target markets will never abandon you? There is no logical reason you need to try and lure us in with words like "goals" and references to man buns. We get it. You're not like a regular restaurant; you're a cool restaurant. 

Okay, well, we're like a 2, so, do we just not get to eat, or what? 

What if we told you that McDonald's breakfast has always been our main chick —and you're the sidepiece, IHOP. See how it feels? 

Chances are we spent all morning saying affirmations and making peace with the fact that we're about to eat carbohydrates at your establishment today. The last thing we need is to be body shamed by our breakfast when we get there. 

Casual sexism, so hot right now. 

Appealing to the kiddos can be hard, and we admit, some of these are indeed "lowkey" totes funny TBH (see how stupid we sound, IHOP!?). A word of advice, however, just be the creamy crêpe-loving family chain we know and respect. 

The bites of bacon that accidentally slip into our syrup. The fact that your friendly staff will still serve us if we show up in the pj's we've been in for an entire weekend. The strange coincidence that your establishments are almost always conveniently located next to a Target, so we can shame-shop our brunch off afterward.

These are the reasons we love you IHOP, not for your try-hard tweets. Don't be that restaurant, live your truth instead. Until then, we're always here to talk and provide meditation mantras to guide you through this journey of self-discovery.

What's your "favorite" tweet of the bunch? Tell us in the comments! 

They don't have booze at IHOP so be sure to whip up this epic bloody Mary before you leave home! 

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