Wendy Williams calls it like she sees it.

Best Time Ever's Nicole Scherzinger appeared on Williams' eponymous daytime talk show Wednesday, which began with the host apologizing for often mispronouncing the pop star's surname. About halfway through their conversation, Williams decided to get something else off her chest.

"The last time I was talking about you in Hot Topics, I was talking about the seven-year relationship that you had with that racecar driver, Lewis Hamilton, ending. And I was saying—truth!—because you're 37, and I was like, 'This is a woman who spent seven years of her life breaking up and getting back together.' Poor us! They can have babies whenever they want. You know what I mean? Those are seven years you can never get back," Williams told her. "And he was really wealthy! And I was rooting for you, girl! So, I'm sorry to hear about that."

Scherzinger shrugged it off and understood where Williams was coming from, telling her, "It's all right. It's funny. My girlfriends are always like, 'Honey, it's your pretty years now. Come on. Get it together.'"

"Exactly!" Williams said. "So, are you dating now?"

The "Boomerang" singer shook her head and said, "I am rubbish at dating. You know, everything happens for a reason. I'm a girl of faith and a strong believer, and seven years was a long time."

"And the good years down here," Williams said, pointing to her uterus.

"Honey, that's all right, though. It's all in the spirit," Scherzinger explained. "Whatever you experience in life or relationships, you're obviously meant to grow from it and learn more about yourself. I think as women, we...I'm still learning so much. There's a quote by Buddha—if you've ever heard of him—that I like to live by and it says, 'In the end three things matter: How much you loved, how gently you lived'—like how kind and gracious and compassionate you are—and, oh, fart, what was the last thing? It was even better. No, no, no. 'And how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.' So, that's really important. You have to know, for us women, we're really hard on ourselves. Sometimes we get into situations, but I think if you really trust, you work on yourself and you have faith, just know that things are working for you, not against you and not at you."

"And you'll find somebody new," Williams said. "You'll find a better one."

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Shortly after, Williams asked Scherzinger about the Pussycat Dolls. "Do you keep in touch with those girls? Be honest," she said. "Or are they hating on you because you're the only one who's relevant?"

The audience guffawed, but Scherzinger kept her cool. "We actually weren't always close because we were together and they didn't even put sleep in our schedules. So, we were like a family and we got on each other's nerves," she said of her time with the popular girl group. "But now that time has passed, now we actually keep in touch and we're close. Kim [Wyatt] just had a baby. You grow up. You just let bygones by bygones. We're women now and it's all about the love. I keep in touch with most of them."

"Catch the 'most,'" Williams noted.

"I keep in touch with most of them, and it's good," the singer said. "I'm happy."

Scherzinger added, "I'm genuinely happy when I see them."

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