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Introducing our newest celebrity blogger, Jessie James Decker!

The country singer and reality star is getting ready for baby No. 2 with husband and NFL star Eric Decker. Lucky for us, she's opening up about all of the changes coming her way with her growing family in exclusive blog posts for E! News.

As she prepares for the arrival for her son, take a look at how the "Lights Down Low" crooner is adjusting to life as a mother of two.

I have to admit it: Eric playing for the New York Jets has its perks when it comes to being pregnant!

Now that I'm rapidly approaching my due date, I find myself slowing down a lot more often, which makes it difficult to cook for my growing family. I have the most energy first thing in the morning, so I'll usually cook my family a nice breakfast, which sometimes is oatmeal, but often can be eggs and bacon.

Jessie James Decker, Eric Decker, Vivianne Rose Decker

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When I'm not feeling too hungry I'll toast some bread, but otherwise my family is pretty routine-oriented! Unless we're treating ourselves to pancakes, we have a lighter meal. By lunchtime, though, I'm pretty worn out after running after Vivianne all morning. That's where the Jets come in! Eric is at football camp most days, so he'll bring home some salad or other noms from the Jets cafeteria.

But if Vivi and I spend the day watching Eric, we'll grab some of the cafeteria food. Sometimes they'll even prepare me something special, like a big salad or something, when I'm craving it! After a long day at camp, the staff will make something for us to take home so I don't have to worry about cooking. If I do cook, though, I love making pizza and pasta because those are Vivi's favorites.

Even though I'm tired and sometimes feel really worn out, I realize that I can't really complain. I think about my mom, who had three babies and didn't have much help, and if she can do it like a rock star then I have nothing to complain about. I really do feel like I have all the health in the world, especially with my mom, who is an inspiration to me, by my side. I feel so blessed that I'm able to give my kids whatever they want and how they'll be surrounded by a loving and supportive family.

"Lights Down Low" is available for download on iTunes.

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