Jenna Jameson looked incredibly happy and healthy when she appeared at the premiere for Celebrity Big Brother, and it might have to do with the weight she has put on recently.

The former porn star has been flaunting her fuller figure as of late, but some Internet trolls have been criticizing her new look, so she took to Instagram to slam the haters who mocked her. Jameson posted a very sexy throwback selfie and captioned it, "Posting this to all you fat shamers...Yes, I gained weight, reasons that are personal...But attacking someone over their weight is really petty. I pride myself in being a well rounded human being...Thick or thin."

But even when she weighed less she still received harsh comments from anonymous haters; it was a lose-lose situation. "I remember when I was 90 lbs about 8 years ago bs [sic] I went through major attacks from everyone (media, friends, social media) and it felt the same as it feels being called fat or frumpy," she continued.

Jenna Jameson, Instagram


"It's easy for me to lose weight, is it as easy for you few haters that attack me online to realize your nasty evil ways?"

Jameson looked gorgeous in a long black dress that hugged her curves. Posing on stage with an ear-to-ear grin on her face, the 41-year-old exuded confidence. That's certainly one way to shut up the haters!

Her confident appearance clearly reflects her inner attitude, as she also posted a video on Instagram that warned of her readiness level ahead of entering the Big Brother house. "My life is completely surrounded with having a gameplan. I am entering this house with a gameplan," she explained in a video. "And if anybody isn't then they're not prepared and I am sorry for them."

No one better get in her way!

To hear from another star who recently gained weight, watch the video below.

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