Warning: Family drama ahead!

In an exclusive clip from Sunday's all-new episode of Stewarts & Hamiltons, Kimberly Stewart and mom Alana Stewart get into a heated argument over family dinner when Kimberly decides to stay in and make (a yummy-looking) taco dinner with everyone, except Alana and George Hamilton.

"I think Alana made reservations for all of us to go out," George says when he walks in the kitchen.

"No, she said we could do whatever we want, so we decided to stay in and make food," Kimberly responds. Uh oh.

Stewarts and Hamiltons


The situation gets even more intense when Alana comes in and realizes her family has made plans without her. "What are you guys doing? Are we ready for dinner?" she asks.

"No, you said we could do whatever we wanted, so we decided to cook," Kimberly replies.

"We were going to do whatever we wanted all together, not separately," Alana says. "It just would have been nice if you had said, ‘Mom, would you rather eat at home?' and I would have said yes and we could have done it together, instead of having to split up and be separate."

Later, an angry Alana tells her daughter, "You should just go and have your own separate vacation because we're not having a family vacation together so far." Ouch!

Alana eventually storms off to release some tension. Watch the clip above to find out what she does!

Catch Stewarts & Hamiltons Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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