Elizabeth Hurley is spilling major scoop on season two of The Royals!

E! News recently caught up with the stunning star on set in London to catch up on what's in story for the second season of the hit E! series. And don't worry Loyals, it sounds like there's tons more drama in store!

"Frequently we read things in the script and say, ‘You have got to be kidding! This is never going to get past the censors.' But so far it seems to be getting past," Hurley tells E! News exclusively. "We have some outrageous things to do in season two. Even Queen Helena does some pretty startling things and I think that's part of the fun of the show, seeing what we can get away with and seeing how the audience takes it."

While filming season two, the 50-year-old brought her son Damian on set to watch her act.

"He's six feet away from me watching me and he'll probably critique me later and say what mommy shouldn't have said and what faces mommy shouldn't have pulled," Hurley joked. "I'm very lucky that I have my son with me to run my lines because we shoot right over vacation it means the kids can come on set the whole time. They love it. It's really good for them. It's good work experience as well as fun for them I think."

So is Hurley "dying" for Damian to have a cameo on season two of The Royals? Watch the video to find out what surprises she has in store!

Watch season two of The Royals when it premieres this November only on E!

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