O.C. House


No more Chrismukkah. No more Sandy Cohen fatherly advice. And no more Cohen house.

True, The O.C.'s beloved Cohen family said goodbye to their Newport, Calif, headquarters in the show's series finale when they made the move back to Berkley. But for those of you who still pine for the Newpsie drama, get excited: The real pad that inspired the Cohen headquarters is up for grabs for $6.25 million.

But brace yourselves, die-hard O.C. fans—the Cohen mansion wasn't actually used as the set of the show. It's not even really in Newport (noooo). Instead, The O.C.'s creator Josh Schwartz and the rest of The Warner Bros. bunch used the Malibu digs for the exterior shots of the home, opting for a good 'ole sound stage to fit the needs of the Cohen abode's interior space. And if that didn't break your heart, this will—the famed pool house, AKA Ryan's tricked-out room, doesn't even exist on the actual home's grounds.

Crack. Sorry, that was the sound of every O.C. fanatics' heart being broken in half.

As for the real Cohen mansion, the property is actually a 6, 376-square-foot Italian villa-style home. There're six-bedrooms and six-baths—ergo in real life, Ryan wouldn't have needed that pool house after all—and a chef's kitchen. Plus, there's a pool and spa in the home's spacious backyard, albeit there's still no pool house.  

True, you can't go home again. But for $6.25 million, you can reclaim (the exterior of) the Cohen home. 

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