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Introducing our newest celebrity blogger, Jessie James Decker!

The country singer and reality star is getting ready for baby No. 2 with her NFL star husband Eric Decker. Lucky for us, she's opening up about all of the changes coming her way for her growing family in exclusive blog posts for E! News.

As she prepares for the arrival of her son, take a look at how the "Lights Down Low" artist is adjusting to life as a soon-to-be mother of two.

Even before I was ever pregnant with Vivianne or my future son, I always knew that pregnancy cravings would be a thing. You see it in movies and in TV shows—women craving pickles and watermelon at the oddest of hours. Well, as I talked about in my last blog, both of my pregnancies have been very different in every way imaginable! Even my cravings are different these days.

I mentioned when I was pregnant with Vivi I craved anything that would make a woman gain a ton of weight. I wanted (and ate!) ice cream and French fries all the time and couldn't get enough. No wonder I gained so much weight with Vivi! This time around, fortunately, my cravings are much tamer.

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These days I want a big salad and spicy foods, which are probably much better for me than all those fries I was chowing down. I crave coffee in the morning and iced tea in the afternoons, but I'm able to stay away from them. There really isn't anything I can't live without, so carrying my and Eric's son has made me put on about 24 pounds, a much smaller number than 55!

A lot of women stress about losing the baby weight, but I'm not going to be rushing to drop the pounds. Because I'm having a C-section I'll have to really take it easy for the first few weeks, so exercising will be the last thing on my mind! But when it's time to start getting into shape I'll probably start slowly and take walks with my babies. I usually keep light dumb bells near the TV so during commercials I can do a little something. Plus, breastfeeding burns some serious calories, so that helps, too.

After giving birth to Vivi it was hard for me to lose all the weight because my body held onto some of it to help make milk. I'm assuming it will be the same way the second time, but who knows! These pregnancies have been so different that anything goes. Only time will tell!

"Lights Down Low" is available for download on iTunes.

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