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Boring braids? As if!

Welcome to the new '90s. There's no denying the decade's revival, and while that might mean matte brown makeup on the face, we're seeing a boho-leaning take on hair. "Everyone wants everything to look full, bulky and a bit undone right now," noted celeb hairstylist Suzie Kim. Nineties throwback styles have been brazenly making the rounds on the heads of celebs like Alexa Chung and Emma Roberts, but the classic childhood style often borders on juvenile in real life.

However, with the embrace of frizz and pastel tresses, statement hair doesn't plan on taking a backseat anytime soon. For a uniquely ‘90s take on boho hair, Suzie showed us how to update our favorite back-to-school hairstyles in a grown-up way. 

ESC, Back to School Hair

Kailey Strachan for E! Online

Boho Pigtails: "For a pigtail that doesn't cross into juvenile territory, keep it loose and textured," recommended the braid master. "The idea is to have three or four different texture braids on each side, mixing it up with whatever method you're comfortable doing."

1. Part hair down the middle then section off the hair hanging in front of the ear on both sides.

2. With the rest of your hair, section off three parts on each side big enough to make three different kind of braids (the pro chose a French, rope and fishtail braid). Be sure to leave some hair between each part. 

3. With one section, begin a French braid then stop a quarter of the way down and finish as you would a regular braid. Repeat on other side.

4. For a rope braid, braid strands normally but separate the three strands into different levels of thickness. As you go, be sure to pull the thinnest strand as tightly as possibly. Gently tug at the thicker pieces for texture when you're done. Repeat on other side.

5. With the third section, create a fishtail. Gently pull the secured braid apart to create volume and that lived-in look. Repeat on other side.

6. Gather the braids, the front sections you left aside in step 1 and the remaining hair in that half-section and fasten to create new-age pigtails.

ESC, Back to School Hair

Kailey Strachan for E! Online

French-Lace Braid Updo: "This '90s butterfly-clip-inspired style is great for girls with thin hair because tight braids usually reveal a lot of scalp—but this look keeps it covered up," noted the pro.

1. Start with a deep side part (which keeps the head-tight look from appearing too harsh).

2. Tease the larger side for a bit of ‘90s volume.

3. Section off the hair into three, one-inch sections on each side of the part to create six total mini French-lace braids along the scalp.

4. Starting with one of the three sections, make a mini French-lace braid by pulling in hair from just one side of the head as you go, as opposed to both sides like a traditional French braid. Only grab additional hair from the side closer to your part, working your way down the head toward the nape of your neck.

5. Transition the lace braid into a regular braid at the place on your head where you want to begin to criss-cross the braids into an updo.

6. Finish braiding the ends regularly.

7. Repeat lace braid method so that you have a total of six mini braids. 

8. Once all braids are secured, start criss-crossing and pinning the ends all over your head, tucking the tails behind the sections against the scalp.

"For this undone look, I like the look of having the bobby pins showing. It's kind of like an accessory, like a touch of tinsel," explained the expert.

ESC, Back to School Hair

Kailey Strachan for E! Online

Topsy Ponytail: "The topsy pony of the ‘90s used to be sleek, tight and straight, but this version (that's easier to do than a French braid) is cooler and more relaxed," assured Suzie.

1. Create an even middle part (to avoid lopsided twists).

2. Pull even sections from each side and tie together to create a mini ponytail at the back of the crown.

3. Take tail and flip it up and over the elastic band, between the two sections, creating a twist effect once the tail is back down. "If you want a more subtle twist, just flip it through itself once but if you want more definition, flip it twice," she recommended.

4. Repeat steps 1-2, working your way down the head toward the nape of the neck.

5. With the final tail, take a piece of loose hair and wrap it around the last elastic.

6. To loosen, pull out sections of the twist for an easy, breezy vibe.

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