Scream, Willa Fitzgerald


In a horror movie, what happens when the "survivor girl" and the "know-it-all sidekick" willingly drive along into certain danger without a police escort while a masked killer is on the loose? Well, obviously someone's gonna die!

But what about a horror TV show? MTV's Scream concludes its wildly successful first season tonight with the sure-to-be bloody finale, and we're pretty sure a bunch of people are going to die before we finally find out who is under the Brandon James mask.

But will Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Noah (John Karna) be among the survivors or victims when the sun rises and the credits roll?

If you ask Noah, he thinks he's totally gonna die. Why? Press play on our exclusive clip above now to find out!

We think Noah's got a point...this is America, and the police are more than equipped to deal with a masked murderer. Going in to a party where you know the killer will be, alone, with no protection, is not a smart move. But hey, Ghostface did say no cops, so maybe Emma has a plan up her sleeve to really end this once and for all?

But will she successfully change the ending, or lose all her friends and loved ones before getting killed herself?

Find out when the Scream season finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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