Netflix, Valentine's Day

At long last, summer's most popular cheeky sex-related meme has its very own anthem.

For months now, #Netflixandchill has taken over our collective social media consciousness—Instagram, Twitter and the like. (And our bedrooms, amirite?). The saying is so perfectly made for a rap song that it's actually kind of baffling that it's taken this long for someone to write one. Enter B.o.B. and his aptly-named "Netflix and Chill" jam, which dropped today.

Now, let's take a timeout for a second. For those of you who've seen mentions of the hashtag on your feeds or ridiculous memes all up in your Instagram and have been wondering why people are so jazzed about binge-watching TV shows all of a sudden, let us just give you a little insider tip. #Netflixandchill doesn't mean watch Netflix and chill; it means do sex. Maybe the sex is while House of Cards is playing in the background, maybe it's not. But either way, asking someone to come over for Netflix and Chill is the new "U up?" Smooth, right?

Let the movie at least load fellas!!! #netflixandchill #??

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Now back to the topic at hand: B.o.B.'s new song. It's not surprising that this tune is also about doing sex. And it's about as subtle as someone who texts their crush "Netflix and chill?" at 1 a.m. on a Friday. Let B.o.B. enlighten you:

"I was thinkin' Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill/ I got drink and smoke and d--k if you come through for real/ I was thinkin' Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill/ I wake up and need it up that's a bed and breakfast for real, oh yea."

Are you blushing with all the romance yet? It continues:

"How 'bout we take this up a notch/ Imma pour you up a glass of potion rubbing down the lotion/ Tryna set the mood and get it right/ Do a bunch of freak s--t you like."

It's beautiful, isn't it? But seriously, the song is actually kind of catchy and whatnot, and it probably would provide a better soundtrack to an evening than Frank Underwood's angry southern accent. Listen below and judge for yourself.

???????????????? #netflixandchill #kanye #kanyewest #meme

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