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Dave Annable is preparing for baby!

The Heartbreaker star is expecting his first child with wife Odette Annable, and the two couldn't be more excited about the upcoming arrival of their little girl. Knowing that they're going to be plenty busy with Baby Annable as soon as she arrives, Dave and Odette are enjoying the time they have together before they become a family of three.

When they're not together, however, they're doing their own thing, which included a "mancation" for Dave! He and a few friends enjoyed a day out at Angeles National Golf Club where they spent the day golfing and drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade. Although he considered it a "last hurrah," Dave told E! News exclusively he was really looking forward to his baby's arrival, even if it means he's a little nervous. Thankfully he has a very helpful partner!

Dave Annable

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"I've just been so impressed with my wife and this whole process and the way she sort of already is a mother even though we haven't given birth yet," Dave told us. "The nesting and the home, I feel like it's important for us to be on the same page and get everything in the right place so you can be prepared as much as you can be."

And it looks like the couple is already on the same page, as he said he and his wife are already planning to "embrace every minute of it." As soon-to-be new parents, though, Dave said people have been very quick to give helpful advice, all of which "starts with one word: enjoy it."

"That's sort of our mantra going through," he added.

A lot of people are trying to offer advice, so the couple have learned not to listen to all of it because it was becoming overwhelming. "The three buddies on my mancation told me to run," he joked, and then added, "We've gotten all kinds of advice and basically I think, and Odie's favorite piece of advice is not to listen to all the advice. We'll figure it out. We've been doing it for thousands of years. You have to trust your instincts and the rest will carry you on."

But with Odette's due date quickly approaching, Dave joked that this golf outing was his last bit of freedom. "I'm on borrowed time," he quipped. "The clock is ticking. The bags are packed. I'm getting ready for the baby...so [my friends and I had such a great time."

Now that the mancation is over, Dave is probably going back to "reading some sort of piece of directions," aka "putting together a crib or the stroller." Regardless of the heavy preparations, he knows his daughter will be in good hands.

"We're going to love the heck out of this baby," he said.

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