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If someone called you a "trap queen," your first reaction may not be, "Aw, how sweet. Thank you!" But it turns out, the new phrase that has gone mainstream thanks to rapper Fetty Wap's platinum single is quite complimentary.

Well, it can be. After all, he even calls his mother a "trap queen."

The 25-year-old New Jersey native (real name Willie Maxwell) has already explained that the term was coined to describe a former girlfriend who "learned how to cook crack, and she kind of did it so good that she made enough for the both of us. She knew how to stretch that s--t..."

But he also acknowledges that there are multiple definitions behind calling someone a "trap queen," and it doesn't always have to do with drugs.

"Everybody doesn't have the same trap queen. Everyone can have their own trap queen," Fetty Wap tells New York Magazine's The Cut.

"There is the way I use it in the song, but my mom is a trap queen. She held us down and she was a queen at doing it. She took care of her children and her tribe, made sure we had food on the table, and kept our heads up. However you want to put it, there are different meanings to it."

The rapper also shares that "Trap Queen" is more about loyalty than anything else. "Most of my songs are about one person in particular. I guess it's just what I be going through. ['Trap Queen'] is about how what I really be wanting is loyalty," he said.

"The person I was dealing with at the time, she kind of just showed me a different side of women. She still to this day supports me and buys all my songs on iTunes, she still shows me loyalty, the same loyalty before everybody knew who I was. That's where I get my inspirations and my motivation from for most of my songs and the meanings behind them."

It's very possible that we may adopt some more terms from Fetty in the near future, because he's been cookin' up a lot of new music for his fans.

"I'm not here just to be Fetty Wap, the artist that went platinum off of 'Trap Queen,' and then nobody knew what happened," he shares. "Right now, I have three songs on the [Billboard charts] and I have another one that's about to come really soon. I just try to keep doing music and let them know that I'm here and I'm relevant.

"I'm not one of those artists who is trying to get a couple of dollars and get up out of here. I'm not in it for the money—this is what I do. I don't know how to do anything other than make music. Other than my past life, this is it. My fans that were rocking with me before the world knew Fetty Wap, they like to hear new music so I keep giving it to them. I have a lot of music, I can drop a song every day until my mixtape comes out and you won't hear the same songs on my mixtape."

Fetty's debut album is slated for a Sept. 25 release.

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