Amy Schumer

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Amy Schumer has a great Twitter feed. She shares random moments from her life ("What About Bob is on. See you never."). She shares videos of random moments from her life, like that time she ran across a squirrel eating a Dorito. It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect Amy Schumer's Twitter feed to look like.

Until now. Now she just upped the game.

It all started, as awesome Twitter exchanges often do, with a mean comment disguised as a good-natured joke. The user @vickytweetsnow posted the following along with a picture of the American Gothic painting: "I think I have revealed a genealogy line for @amyschumer. The American Gothic lady could be an ancestor. #NoDisrespect." 

And, since Amy Schumer is known for reading (and often times responding to) her tweets from The People, she happened to see this message. She could have taken offense to the slightly backhanded jab (after all, who wants to looks like the American Gothic lady?!), but instead she decided to go all Amy Schumer on miss @vickytweetsnow and come up with the most amazing response in the history of Twitter.

She answered, simply, with the below.

There are so many amazing things going on here that we don't know where to start. First of all, Amy kind of does look like a much prettier version of the American Gothic lady. Point Vicky. 

Second of all: J.K. SIMMONS. He is actually the living, breathing identical twin of the American Gothic man. How it took us so long to realize this is baffling. Also baffling is how quickly Amy was able not only to pinpoint their identical-ness but to get Simmons on board with posing next to her. Amy posted her response not three hours after the original Tweet, which means she was probably just hanging with J.K., drinking wine and watching Bachelor In Paradise.

But we're not the only ones who are in awe of this fabulous exchange—the Twitterverse is bowing down, too.

We don't want to encourage people to send snarky tweets any more than they already are, but if Amy had another opportunity for a retort like this we certainly wouldn't be mad.

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