Friends, Microsoft Windows 95, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry


Warning: This may make you feel super old!

Long before we were addicted to tablets and glued to our iPhones 24/7, there was a desktop computer system many of us used on a daily basis.

Does anyone remember Windows 95? Oh yah, about that...

In honor of its 20th anniversary, a throwback video guide featuring Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston is going viral online. Let's just say the clip is going to bring back a whole lot of memories.

(P.S. So that has to be why Microsoft named its search engine Bing, right?)

"You'll get more than a few laughs as we present the world's first cyber sitcom, starring two of television's hottest comedy personalities," the voiceover is overheard saying. "They'll be taking you on an adventure of computing that takes place in the office of Microsoft chairman Bill Gates."

The unknown voice added, "Along the way, they meet a wacky bunch of propeller-heads and are introduced to the Top 25 features of Windows 95. The pace is fast and funny."

When exploring their computer, the pair is shocked to learn the concept of taskbars and shortcuts. And when it comes to e-mail, you better forget about it!

"Oh, this is so trippy!" Aniston explained while showing off "The Rachel" haircut.

So what did we do without technology? Here's a gentle reminder. 

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