Jeb Bush

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Stephen Colbert sure has a doozy of a guest lineup for his first week at The Late Show. Because really, George Clooney and Amy Schumer? That's impressive.

Now that the early booking is all complete it's time for Colbert and his team to start preparing for the interviews. We're sure he's got several of the guests down—you could pass all five episodes just talking to Clooney about his beloved Casamigos tequila. But there's another attendee who's a bit of a quagmire; that would be none other than Jeb Bush. Ol' Jebsters is going to be joining for the premiere episode (that is, if Clooney can pipe down about that tequila quickly enough) and it's sure to be a doozy of an appearance.

As we all know by now, Bush is one of the approximately 600 Republicans running for president in the 2016 election. His booking is a pretty big deal, so we thought we would take some stress off the Late Show team and come up with our own list of burning questions that we would love to have answered by Jeb. We're not saying Stephen has to use all of them, but it would be pretty hard to go wrong if he follows this list exactly.

1. What does Donald Trump's comb-over look like up close?

2. Has Jeb ever attempted to fix the comb-over without Trump knowing?

3. Has Trump ever tried to steal a lock or nine of Jeb's hair to add to his own comb-over?

4. How many times has Jeb uttered the words "Deez Nuts"?

5. How much does that guacamole bowl REALLY cost?

6. What's the secret ingredient in the guacamole recipe?

7. It's cumin, isn't it?

8. Who got fired for the Jeb! logo design?

9. If Jeb had a TGIF sitcom to go along with his new logo, what would he call the show?

10. What does Jeb really think of Florida?

11. How many times did Jeb do George W.'s homework for him as a child?

12. How many of W.'s dog paintings does Jeb have up on the fridge?

13. Why does Jeb hate Chipotle?

14. If Jeb becomes president, will he bring back carnitas?

15. Seriously..."Anchor baby"?

16. What are Jeb's best tips and tricks for combatting hanger? Besides making your own guacamole, of course.

17. Real talk. Who's cuter, Barney or Bo?

18. Which of your fellow candidates would you most like to punch? And you can't say Donald Trump.

19. How many times has Jeb himself gone to

20. But about those hanging chads...

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