Kendall Jenner


It's a's a plane...nope, it's Kendall Jenner!

Remember when we saw Kendall on set (or on cab, really) for a mysterious Vogue shoot back in July? Well, now we know what she was doing—and it was just a bit of magic (no big deal). The E! star-turned-supermodel is fronting a series of superhero-themed videos for Vogue in collaboration with Estée Lauder, the first of which shows her conjuring chic outerwear and accessories from thin air, with a new vid set to be released by Vogue every day this week.

Other powers teased for the series include Kendall "throwing boulders, controlling time, and moving objects with the snap of her manicured fingertips," according to the fashion tome's site. Kendall has, of course, been the face of Estée Lauder since 2014, appearing in a few film shorts since the start of her ambassadorship.

This latest vid is a work of movie magic (and really shows the power of rewind): Kendall is shown leaping backwards onto a taxi at the very end, which is likely the original footage playing in reverse. She's cool and calm in the clip, as well as quite the vision in red as she summons a crimson jacket and fuzzy scarf for her superhero model duties in New York City. (Yep, we got Birdman vibes too.)

We're pretty psyched to see the rest of Kendall's superpowers this week, especially if they're anywhere near as It Girl-cool as this one. Modern Muse, by the way, is the latest scent reveal from Estée Lauder, featuring an airy perfume and shimmer body lotion as part of the collection.

What do you think of Kendall's superhero turn?
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