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It's hard out there for a celebrity pet.

Most animals get to enjoy the spotlight 24/7. They're cute, they're fluffy, they do funny things, and they reap the attention benefits for those qualities. But celebrities' pets are different. They have to sit at home while their human parents get to travel the world, get their picture taken, and make glamorous appearance after glamorous appearance. Sure sometimes they'll get a little Instagram love or a mention on a talk show, but they know who the star of the relationship really is.

So naturally these pets harbor some resentment. Everybody has pet peeves—even pets. We held a top secret roundtable with everyone from Meredith and Olivia Swift to Finn Seyfried, and we've learned their most secret inner thoughts about their lives in the captivity of A-listers. Read ahead for the real scoop.

I'm so proud to post my first photo as the face of @Coach for this year's #CoachPups Campaign, shot by Steven Meisel!

A photo posted by Miss Asia Kinney (@missasiakinney) on

Asia Kinney, daughter of Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney
"If I have to wear another goddamn piece of designer clothing I'm going to relieve myself all over my couture."


Lamby has never accepted a bed besides mine until this gorgeous one from @vintagewhiteelephant appeared. Maybe he knows they found us through #dogdayafternoon and want to help his friends @seespotrescued? Amendment at 10:43 pm: some of you have been expressing disappointment about the cost of the beds. This is one passionate woman running a small company and I respect the hard work that goes into her creations. but I also respect your bank accounts and am not encouraging everyone to spend half their rent on a dog bed. I just happen to love this gift Lamby was given and the good intentions of its creator ?? ?? I try and share products that are accessible and ethical- that will be a part of the culture of @lennyletter as well. Carry on, wild ones!

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Lamby Dunham, son of Lena Dunham
"I'm not actually a feminist."


Meredith is so utterly BORED by my Christmas cheer.

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Meredith Grey, daughter of Taylor Swift
"I hate all of my mom's new 'friends.'" 


You seem stressed.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Olivia Benson, daughter of Taylor Swift
"Most days there are so many people trapped in over at the house I don't even know which one is my real mom."


Spirit animal

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Bubba Sue, daughter of Miley Cyrus
"I'm actually the best twerker in the family, but nobody will ever know." 


The morning after we rescued him #ChappelleShow

A photo posted by Zac Efron (@zacefron) on

Chappelle, son of Zac Efron
"If I hear the word 'Bro' one more time, I swear...It almost makes me long for EDM." 



A photo posted by Amanda Seyfried (@mingey) on

Finn, son of Amanda Seyfried
"I'm sick of my head smelling like human food. This isn't even a unique trick—I'm just the only dog with a mom annoying enough to make me do it."


Curled up & Cozy. #TuesdayswithTina

A photo posted by Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel) on

Tina, daughter of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake
"What's my pet peeve? Two words: 'NSYNC songs." 


It's Friday boo ??

A photo posted by @nicolerichie on

Iro, daughter of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden
"Reality stars, amirite?"


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