On tonight's episode of WAGS, Natalie, Nicole and Olivia strip down for a sexy nude photo shoot!

The trio land a sexy spread with Treats magazine, however when the girls get to set, Olivia has second thoughts about getting naked in front of the camera.

"The shoot I wanna do is all three of you all naked," the photographer says in this sneak peek clip.

"I'm just not into full-frontal nudity," Nat says.

"We're not doing full-frontal nudity. This is a beautiful magazine. This is Treats. It's artistic," the photographer explains.

"Be comfortable," Nicole urges Olivia. "I am not at all right now," Olivia replies.

"I'm so upset right now," Olivia says of the shoot. "I'm not a model, I'm like every other girl. I have insecurities. Everyone's staring at me, I'm in next to nothing, I'm beside Nicole, she's a full-blown model, she's gorgeous, thin. I'm feeling a little insecure right now in my own skin. Honestly I'm not even comfortable in like a bathing suit at a hotel pool. All eyes are on me and I feel like everyone is picking apart my flaws and I don't like that to be honest."

Olivia gets so uncomfortable at the thought of stripping down she actually walks off set, angering the photographer and crew!

Watch the clip for yourself to see how the situation unfolds.

Watch WAGS every Tuesday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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