Montel Williams, Josh Duggar

AP Photo/Danny Johnston, Kris Connor/Getty Images

Montel Williams is dumping on the Duggars again, amid the Ashley Madison data dump.

The talk show host took to Twitter this week to express his opinion about the famous, devout Christian family, He made his comments a day after it was rumored eldest son Josh Duggar was a subscriber of the infidelity website and was among an estimated 37 million whose private information was leaked by hackers and before he admitted to cheating on wife Anna Duggar.

"More Duggar 'family values.' Josh Duggar found in Ashley Madison hack. And these freaks of nature say folks r a moral problem?" tweeted Williams, who has insulted Josh and his family online before.

Josh, who has often campaigned for legislation that bans gay marriage, and the other Duggars have not responded.

Williams made his comments a day before Josh announced in a statement, posted on the Duggars' website, that he had in fact cheated on his wife, the mother of their four children, and was also addicted to Internet pornography. The latter part was later deleted from the statement.

Josh and his family have been dealing with insulting comments on social media for months. In the spring, it was revealed that Josh had molested five underage girls, including sisters Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar, when he was a teenager. He was never charged with a crime and said in a statement he had acted "inexcusably." Following that scandal, TLC canceled the Duggars' long-running reality show, 19 Kids and Counting.

In May, on the day Josh responded to the molestation allegations, Williams called him a "world class bigot" and "garden variety scumbag" and slammed his whole family as well as the Family Research Council. He had left his job at the Christian lobbying group, which describes itself as a "Pro Marriage and Pro Life Organization," amid the molestation scandal.

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