Millions of people tune in to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! every weeknight, so it's no surprise that First Lady Michelle Obama asked Jimmy Kimmel if she could use his show as a platform to launch an initiative Thursday. "We'd like to talk about a subject near to my heart: encouraging kids to make healthier choices about food," she said. "I couldn't be more excited about a new campaign called FNV."

"As in 'eat your effin vegetables,'" Kimmel said.

"What was that?" Obama asked. "The effin?'"

"It's the name of the thing," Kimmel replied. "Effin V. Effin V."

"No. No, it isn't, Jimmy. I think you might be a little confused," Obama said. The comedian disagreed, telling Obama, "Uh, I think you actually might be a little bit confused. But you're the First Lady, I guess."

Obama explained that "V" stands for "Vegetables," while "F" stands for...

"You know, I'm going to stop you right there because I know what it stands for. I have HBO," he said. "It's not OK. This is supposed to be for kids. There shouldn't be an 'F' in it." After some more banter, Obama was able to finish explaining to him that "F" stands for "Fruits" and V stands for "Vegetables."

"Eat your fruiting vegetables?" Kimmel asked. "It makes no sense."

Kimmel had plenty of other questions for the First Lady. "Can I sleepover in the Lincoln bedroom?" he asked. "Can I wash my hair in the Lincoln bathroom?" Obama down both requests, but when the late-night host asked if he could have a tomato, she replied, "Yes. You can have the tomato. It's all yours."

Obama launched FNV at the Partnership for a Healthier America Summit in February. The campaign aims to make healthy eating seem cooler to children. "If folks are going to pour money into marketing unhealthy foods, then let's fight back with ads for healthy foods, right?" Obama said. "Let's do this!" The campaign promised to involve Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Stephen Curry and more stars.

Watch the video below to see how Obama plans to make education cool again:

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