Let's dance! Ansel Elgort gives lessons on almost 100 years' worth of dance while shooting with Teen Vogue. The actor covers the mag's September issue, and opens up about his time in the spotlight.

In a video for the publication, the Divergent star has some fun showing off nearly a century of dance moves. He starts out really old school with the Charleston of the 1920s, where we get to see a lot of hand-on-knee action.

The Fault in Our Stars hunk shows off some swing dancing, and that's where things get cheeky when he nearly has a suspenders-related wardrobe malfunction. He then jumps forward to the '70s with some disco dancing.

Ansel Elgort, Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue

Worm alert! The actor then shows off the retro hip-hop moves he picked up while in high school.

The DJ even dances to his favorite type of music: house.

Finally, Ansel demonstrates some current dances, including the Nae Nae. Unfortunately, Elgort isn't showing off any twerking. However, he does hint that he might share more moves in the future, saying "Maybe next time I'll show you some dance moves from the 1800's like the waltz and maybe the tango." Here's hoping!

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