A Day On The Lake With The Family, Slow Down


It's a family day on the lake, and dad has hooked a tube up to the back of a fast-moving boat.

Sure, that's fun and all, but can we keep things to under, like, 5 miles per hour, please? Mama Gin isn't looking to deal with any slip-ups today. It's her vacation too.

We all have that relative who's the voice of reasonthe sobering reminder that accidents can, and do, happen.

One Reddit user decided to dedicate a video to that woman in his life, Mama Gin, who he says is "not happy" with his hilariously-edited video of the family's day out on the lake together.

Set to Clyde Carson's song "Slow Down," the video shows a lifejacket-clad family hitting the water with the practical-minded stepmom white-knuckling the side of the boat while reminding her husband to "slow down!" every few moments.

"You know how many people are paraplegic from a trampoline? Do not do that again," she says to him at one moment. His silent stare ahead lets us know this probably isn't the first warning.

To be fair, there don't appear to be any trampolines out on the lake. But when you narrowly avoid a trampoline accident in the future, you better believe you'll be thanking Mama Gin for the sage advice.

And considering everyone makes it through the video in one piece, it looks like her reminders must have done the trick. Just "slow down" on the ride home, OK?

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