Cat, Baby

And you thought you loved cats.

This little girl apparently came out of the womb as an admirer of furry felines, because the way she reacts to her mother bringing the family cat to her crib is absolutely adorable.

One mom recorded and subsequently posted on YouTube a video of her newborn daughter's interaction to their pet. "She's incapable of controlling her limbs when her kitty is around. The obsession grows every day," she writes with the video.

It's true. Her tiny arms and legs start flapping like crazy (while rocking an interesting baby outfit, by the way) as she squeals high-pitched baby sounds once the cat gets in sight.

Then, when it actually gets in the crib, and actually walks on the baby, her eyes widen and the love for her kitty gets even greater.

Seriously, it's a minute and 30 seconds of pure and extreme joy...over a cat. It's a beautiful thing.

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