"It's like those best friend heart necklaces you used to wear in middle school, but for your vagina."

Boom. We just wrote the tagline for this product. You're welcome, everyone.

If you feel like your period has been too much of a solo effort, then you're in luck. Friends Forever Tampons is here to make sure you can share visits from Aunt Flo with your bestie by sharing a tampon string. That's right. Two tampons, one string. Ooo! We just thought of another tagline.

"It's like those tin can telephone systems you used to make with your best friend, but for your vagina."

Creator Kat Thek is out to take away the taboo and shame that usually comes with having your period or talking about your menstrual cycle (which, for the record, is an idea we are totally on board with). She talked to The Cut about this new product, which currently is only for sale in the New York area.

"We guarantee that Friends Forever Tampons will bring you extremely close to your best friend for up to eight hours at a time," Thek told The Cut, adding that they are currently working on a maxi-pad prototype with similar sharing mechanisms.

"We are not able to reveal the proprietary design details, but we can confirm that Friends Forever Maxi Pads will make it easy to get into the flow and ride horses/dance in white pants with your best friend," she said.

We're not sure if this is performance art or a hoax or an elaborate long-con skit for a sketch show, but color us intrigued. Not so intrigued that you'll soon see a story on our website with the title "We Tried Friends Forever Tampons With Our Bestie and the Results Are Hilarious," but intrigued enough to stick with this marketing campaign to see if this is an actual product.

The Cut also revealed a product from Friends Forever Tampons that is called Squad Goals Tampons. Care to guess what that looks like? What do you mean "no, because I want to sleep tonight?" Where's your sense of menstrual adventure?!

(Dibs on Menstrual Adventure as a new kid's show teaching youths about the wonder of getting your period)

The Squad Goals product, for "bridal showers, corporate team-building events, and assorted Lilith Fairs," is actually seven tampons all connected in case you were synced up with your entire pack of friends. Can also be used to get everyone's attention in a crowded bar with one tug.

Ew, we seriously just grossed ourselves out so we're going to end this article now. 

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