Aaron Williams-Mele, Sunset

Aaron Williams-Mele/YouTube

Talk about putting things into perspective!

In a video that's gone viral on YouTube, Aaron Williams-Mele, who is colorblind, is given the ability to see a sunset as nature intended for the very first time. Can you imagine?

Aaron has never seen the sunset in the way most see it day after day, but thanks to his parents, who gave him EnChroma glasses for his birthday, the young man had a postcard-perfect moment to remember on Whitehurst Beach in Norfolk, Va.

EnChroma credits its pioneering lenses (what they do is very technical) for being able to transform a colorblind person's experience of color.

The video begins with Aaron unpacking his new glasses, telling the camera, "I'm kind of nervous."

Before he puts them on, he throws on his normal sunglasses, saying "everything's just darker." Within seconds of placing the EnChroma pair on his face, Aaron's face quivers.

His friend holding the camera asks, "Is it weird?" To which Aaron replies, "Yeah!" He can barely hold back tears as he steps back to admire more of the sunset.

"I'm shaking!" he exclaims, pointing out the grass, the water, the sun and the sky, walking back and forth as he takes in how bright and vibrant each piece of the big picture is. He chokes back tears, telling his friend behind the camera, "This is a lot different than I thought it was going to be like."

His pal asks, "Well worth it?" Aaron barely gets out a "yeah," but then composes himself and says simply, "I like this a lot." He then begins pointing out different colors, asking his friend with the camera to verify.

"I guess I'll have to relearn my colors," he concludes.

Aaron's shock slowly turns to amazement as the video concludes by showing us Aaron's perspective as he soaks up the scenery around him, stopping to consider some bright-pink flower petals.

If this video isn't a great reminder to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature every once in a while... you really need to check out more sunsets. Enjoy.

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