Emoji Map

Courtesy: Swiftkey.com

Emojis can be a useful way to communicate with just one tiny icon (see: Mike Epps' wife), but it turns out, they can also reveal some surprising facts about the United States. 

SwiftKey, the maker of the popular keyboard app, has released a study revealing the most popular emojis used in each state. According to SwiftKey's full report, the site analyzed more than 1 billion emojis. 

While a number of the findings were not too surprising (Californians are big fans of the car emoji and Nevada, home of Sin City, is all about the eggplant) some states still had us scratching our heads (what's up with the horn, Florida?). 

Hawaii, however, is just as we expected with the surf and wave emojis coming out on top, as well as Washington, which successfully lived up to its stereotypes with the headphones, coffee and wine emojis being the most popular. 

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As for Vermont? Well, we're stumped as to why residents use the poop icon more than any other state. 

Perhaps they should take a hint from their neighbors in New Hampshire and jump on the beer emoji bandwagon? 

Check out the full breakdown and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the study!

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