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Nicki Minaj has a lot of things, but you know what she has zero of? Chill.

The outspoken rapper has never been one to shy away from letting you know how it is, but her recent alleged antics have everyone raising some eyebrows and quivering with fear. Yes, fear. Because you don't wanna piss off Nicki Minaj.

Why, you ask? Well, because it seems like most of the time the singer is cool with turning the other cheek when faced with criticism from social media users; but she was done with all that, at least for today, and went off on some Instagram critics, judging by a screenshot captured by Team Curtains.

It all started when Minaj posted a photo on Instagram praising the success Straight Outta Compton had at the box office during opening weekend.

She wrote, "When black/HipHop driven movies start doing these numbers at the box office EVERYONE takes notice! Unheard of!!! 50-60 million dollar debuts are just another level. Very proud. Congrats to ALL involved. Our movies should always do these numbers. It only opens doors for more! And they're more than deserving of it. BarberShop3 at the top of next year then a big surprise, love."

Apparently, that didn't sit well with some followers, who responded negatively to her caption. Whether it was highlighting race, hip-hop or even Barber Shop 3, a number of users began to slam Nicki.

And she fired back in a way that would have you thinking that she's gonna star in a film called Straight Outta Twitter.

Nicki Minaj Instagram


"u fkn c--t. I don't have to have smthn to do with the movie for me to support it," Nicki allegedly wrote back to a user who said Minaj had nothing to do with the film. "Now laugh ur dumb ass off my page for good because ur blocked for being stupid."

And when someone said, "You're not hip hip. Don't say us," Minaj slammed back with, "Neither is your mother but that hoe still out here suckin d--k. Blocked for being ugly."


Let's all take a breather and refer to one of Minaj's tweets from last night, which seems very fitting for this scenario:

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