McDonald's McGoddess


You know how the saying goes…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of the Big Mac. Wait, that's not how it goes, whatever…you get the idea!

People far and wide are flocking to a Taiwan McDonald's location to get a glimpse at an employee who's been dubbed a—drumroll—McGoddess by her legions of fans.

That's right, Wei Han Xu, who also goes by Wei Wei, is the latest Internet sensation to cause a veritable viral uproar with her looks.

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According to many on social media, men have been traveling from all across the globe to check Wei Wei out, and even film her in her work uniform (…and sometimes sailor or maid costumes, but let's just move past that creepy tidbit for now, shall we?) from behind the counter beneath the Golden Arches.

Little is currently known about the McGoddess herself, save for the fact that she's currently attending college and has been happily working at the fast-food giant for five years.

And Wei Wei's genetic gifts aren't exactly a flash in the pan, either. She's become so well-known locally that she's landed a few talk show appearances and has garnered quite a social media following—we're talking five-digits' worth of followers, you guys.

So go ahead, take a gander from the comfort of your own desk. Sure, it may be miles and miles away from the real deal Holyfield, but we'll take it!

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