The stars of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens won't be sworn to secrecy forever. But when E! News spoke to actors John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong'o and Daisy Ridley at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, Calif., Saturday, all four admitted to being afraid of spilling secrets before the movie's Dec. 18 release.

"It was incredible to be a part of the Star Wars universe and to be there in person actually surrounded by the galaxy far, far away," Nyong'o, 32, said. Asked if she plays a badass onscreen, the Oscar winner cheekily replied, "I plead the fifth."

Director J.J. Abrams didn't share spoilers either, though he did speak about the obstacles he faced in reviving the franchise. "It was a constantly overwhelming experience to work on this movie. The biggest job I had, I think, was fighting that, because I could never let my sort of fan heart overwhelm what I knew was required, which is for me to do my job. Giving notes to Harrison Ford about what Han Solo should or shouldn't do, it's a weird thing in concept, you have to just go, 'That's not how I can look at it. I have to look at it like I'm the director and he's the actor. What's the scene?'" Abrams, 49, recalled. "That was sort of the biggest challenge."

"My job isn't just to be a fanboy," he added. "That would have helped no one."

Abrams said Ford, 73, is "wonderful" person and a longtime friend. "It was great to be able to work with him on this in a way that really exceeded all my expectations."

Boyega, who plays Finn, still can't believe he was cast. "It's surreal and it feels like you've been let into a building and you're not supposed to be there. Being in an environment where you see Han Solo and all these guys walking around, it's incredible as a fan," the 23-year-old actor told E! News. "Trust me, all my action figures are signed. I bring 'em to set every week...I know Harrison must have been thinking, 'You're the lead of the movie.' But I'm just like, 'Look! Hey! You're Han Solo.' Nobody ever gets to work with Harrison Ford as Han Solo. It's crazy."

To see what Isaac and Ridley had to say about the movie, watch the videos below!

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