Just because Revenge is over, that doesn't mean we can't get more Revenge!


OK, so there still isn't any news about a Nolan-themed spinoff (even though we desperately still want one...ABC, get on that!) but E! News has your exclusive first look at the final season gag reel of Revenge. The hilarious bloopers have everything you could want: super clumsy actors, forgotten lines, Gabriel Mann breaking character over and over...and explosions. Yes, real explosions.

Press play on our exclusive video above now to watch the hilarious and epic gag reel!


When we grilled Revenge showrunner Sunil Nayar about a possible Nolan-themed spinoff the morning after the Revenge series finale aired, he revealed that there were no official conversations about it yet, but "it would seem to me that Nolan is a character worth exploring more story for."

"I would want to see the new world that Nolan got himself into," Nayar told E! News. "The fun thing would be, now that he's so confident and on top of everything in this world, where can you throw him where he is once again the fish out of water, getting his legs, so we can embrace what made Nolan so awkward in the beginning, with this whole new set of skills. At the end of the day he is not Amanda Clarke. He's Nolan Ross, one of the most famous people on the planet. He couldn't have done what she did. The fun would be finding an environment where you wouldn't expect Nolan Ross to have to go and see how he navigates those waters."

We would totally watch a spinoff about that. We need a spinoff about that. 

Until that happens, we can just re-watch the final season of Revenge when the DVD comes out on August 25.

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