What did we just watch?!

Singer and rapper Willow Smith, the 14-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, is part of the music collective DIASPORA, which has released a new music video, "Wit a Indigo." And it's pretty weird. The colorful, psychedelic-like clip dropped on Saturday and features members Willow, Crystal Mec and Tru as well as rapper Tyler Cole.

"Gettin' all up in my face like-like that, you don't wanna mess with an indigo like that," she sings, "I'm walkin' down the street, with my spheres, I got the Crystal Mec, Crystal Mec, Crystal Mec."

Willow Smith


Indigo children is a New Age concept that was first coined in the '70s and refers to kids believed to possess special abilities.

Some people have referred to Willow and brother Jaden Smith, 17, as Indigo children, citing their unconventional interviews and views of the world.

How does Willow describe the "Wit a Indigo" video?

"Me and my frands spreadin some consciousness at the MSFTSrep meetup in Venice," she tweeted.

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