Corduroy the Cat, Oldest Living Cat, Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records

Well if this isn't the cutest Guinness world record holder we've ever seen. 

Let us introduce you to Corduroy, the newest winner of a very prestigious prize. You see, Corduroy was just crowned as the oldest living cat in the world at a whopping 26 years of age. This is especially impressive, as it's a casual 11 (!) years older than the average age that cats live to these days. 

You go, Corduroy!

In fact, this is actually the second time that the little feline has held this record. He was considered the Guinness record holder back in 2014, but he had his title stripped away from him Tiffany Two, a 27-year-old kitty whose owners submitted a late-in-the-game application. But don't worry, because Big C got his revenge; Tiffany Two recently passed away, putting Corduroy back on top.

When he's not dominating the world with his impressive aging skills, Corduroy actually lives a pretty quiet life with his mom, Ashley Reed Okura. They have been together since he was a newborn kitten and she was a wee seven year old girl. Talk about a lifetime companion!

Naturally Corduroy's mom was beyond proud to hear that he had reclaimed his rightful throne. "We are thrilled," she told Guinness. "I bought Corduroy a mouse to is wonderful to share him with the world."

So there you have it. As long as you can get back the needless mouse murder, this is a pretty joyful little story. To a long and happy life, Cords.

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