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There are a lot of pissed off Pretty Little Liars fans out there.

It's been almost four days since the big A reveal on the mid-season finale, but the sting of the kind-of-whack plot twist is still being felt across the globe. It seems no one is happy with the anticlimactic reveal, and they're airing their grievances everywhere. (Well, mainly Twitter). And who can blame them? When you've dedicated years of your life and several hundred hours of watch time (and that's not even including reruns), you get pretty invested. And when you're invested in something, you want a payoff.

A payoff that Pretty Little Liars is yet to give.

Which is why the wise, wise words of the sage comedian Cian Twomey are ringing so true for fans everywhere. He managed to capture himself watching the big television moment, and his reaction is so unbelievably priceless and spot-on. He is Every Fan.

He starts off with excitement and anticipation. He's been waiting years for this, and the moment is finally here. What a great day!

Then the tension builds. The scary music is playing! The girls discover a live feed on them! They're talking to A! They're about to reveal...

Oh. Cue expletives. A lot of expletives. Like, so many expletives that you definitely shouldn't watch this at work with the volume on. But after you've secured your headphones, prepared to utter one simple word: Preach.

We've never felt so vindicated.

When you find out who "A" is in Pretty Little Liars

Posted by Mr Cian Twomey on Wednesday, August 12, 2015
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