Selena Gomez, Good for You

Selena Gomez isn't actually singing about "farting carrots" in "Good for You."

BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills asked the singer to clarify the lyrics in her latest hit single Friday. "A lot of our listeners think the first line is: 'I'm farting carrots,'" he told his guest. She laughed at the notion, saying, "Well, wouldn't that just start the tone really sexy? And like that's what you wanna hear a girl say!" Gomez added, "it's also because you guys have the accent, so it does kind of sound like that, for sure."

Mills asked her to clarify, and Gomez obliged: "I'm a 14 carat,' which is a 14 carat diamond," she said. Mills asked, "So you're like a diamond, which is 14 carat?"

"Yeah, evidently," Gomez replied.

A$AP Rocky is featured on "Good for You," but Gomez admitted she hasn't "even met him" yet. "I just got his new record; I'm a huge fan of his anyhow. I was listening to the new record and I was figuring out the first single at that time, and 'Good For You' ended up being the first single. I just found his number through our people and I texted him and said, 'Hey, huge fan. Would you check out the song? I would love to see if you know you'd want to do anything with it.' And he loved it. So, I was totally prepared for a 'No, I'm good. Thank you.' It was so great and he changed some of the production of the song which made it better, and I let him have like full on freedom with everything," Gomez said. "It was really fun."

Gomez is gearing up for the release of her sophomore album, which follows the release of 2013's Stars Dance. "I've been so stressed about everything from the second single to how we're going to present the album," she confessed.

One thing she's not stressed about is her social media presence. Gomez boasts 31.7 million Twitter followers and 40.5 million Instagram followers. "I don't understand all of that sometimes," she said. "I think about things very realistically, because I feel like some of those accounts probably don't even actually exist. I also get very weird about that stuff. I'm like, 'Well, why isn't like everybody selling 40 million albums?'" Her strategy is to "be real" and show "the dirty stuff and the fun stuff."

Zayn Malik is the latest celebrity to follow Gomez on Twitter.

"I had no idea what that was until someone else asked me," Gomez said.

"Obviously I know Zayn now, so it's not like a weird thing," she added. Gomez said she doesn't "check" who follows her, but she vowed to follow him back ASAP.

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