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Kim Kardashian is using her public platform to speak out about a hotly debated subject. 

The 34-year-old E! star, who is currently expecting her second child with husband Kanye West, took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to share her thoughts on gun control after hearing the reports about David Conley, a man who, per the Washington Post, allegedly shot and killed his on-and-off girlfriend, her common-law husband and her six children, one of whom was his own, by shooting them one by one in the back of the head. 

"Have u heard of the heart breaking story about David Conley who slaughtered his ex girlfriend & her entire family! Her 6 kids,husband & her!," Kardashian posted. "He purchased the gun & ammo ONLINE! How is it so easy to purchase guns online!!! Does this not sicken you? No background checks needed!!!!!"

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She added: "These gun safety laws have to change! This poor woman was tied up & saw every child of hers & husband get executed over 10 hours!"

A number of Twitter users responded to Kim's post, including 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings, who wrote, "@KimKardashian good on you for posting this," adding a flexing arm emoji. 

This isn't the first time the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has spoken out about gun control. In July, she was interviewed by retired state judge LaDoris Cordell at the The Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco and said she wished there were stricter laws. "[Guns] scare me so much," she said, viaThe Mirror. "I'm not the type to have them in my house—the security at the front of my house might but not in my house. I truly honestly believe we don't have strict enough gun control laws and it would change a lot."

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


Kardashian, of course, isn't the only celeb who has voiced her opinion on the controversial topic. 

Jim Carrey previously penned an op-ed asking for stricter gun control laws while Rebel Wilson has also urged America to change its policy. 

"I don't like getting political but America you really have to follow Australia's example re gun laws," she shared on Twitter following the tragic shooting inside a movie theater in Lafayette, La.. "I don't remember a mass shooting in Australia since they overhauled the gun laws."

She added, "It seems like every week in America there's a shooting." 

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