When it comes to food, Salma Hayek knows no boundaries.

The Frida actress stopped by Watch What Happens Live Wednesday alongside Craig Robinson and proved that she'll eat just about anything...except onions. Given what she's willing to eat, the idea of her staying away from the layered legume seems a bit odd!

In a game of "Will Salma Eat It?" host Andy Cohen challenged the Oscar-nominated actress to see if she would or wouldn't eat a few mystery foods. The host and Robinson started out somewhat slowly, offering the star deep-fried frog.

"Deep-fried frog or frog legs?" she questioned. "What you're supposed to eat is the frog legs."

If you're going to eat frog, you might as well eat them properly LOL. "I eat them all the time," she admitted. "I live in France. And this is very common French food. Usually they're not this greasy."

Salma Hayek

Charles Sykes/BravoBravo

Upping the spice factor, Robinson offered Hayek a jalapeño. She had absolutely no problem biting right into it! But the actress started to get nervous when it became increasingly obvious that there isn't much she won't eat.

"This is so scary because they'll find out I eat just about anything," she said. "But not onions!"

Next on the menu were stir-fried silk worms. Not only did she quickly grab the bowl from a grossed-out looking Robinson, she also gobbled them right up! While that might be an usual item to jump to eat so fast, she informed the viewers, "These are Mexican."

Hayek, 48, was born and raised in Mexico, so she has some experience with the delicacy under her belt. After all of these exotic dishes, Hayek seemed to want to end the game when she was offered gefilte fish, telling Cohen and Robinson, "I'll stick with the worms," but in the end she tried it!

While she didn't hate it, she wasn't necessarily enjoying it, either. But Robinson, who had been predicting whether or not Hayek would eat any of these foods throughout the game, guessed that Hayek wouldn't eat the final item: spray cheese. Little did he know he couldn't have been more wrong!

Hayek grabbed the can and sprayed it right into her mouth, no hesitations!

Watch the video above to see what else Hayek successfully eats!

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