"Planned Parenthood is supported by the state and federal government, but what kind of heinous activities are your tax dollars funding?"

This is a now-familiar refrain that's echoed throughout the ongoing (and, frankly, ridiculous) debate about the merits of Planned Parenthood—especially in the last few weeks in the aftermath of the undercover operation that attempted to "out" the organization as unethical. But it's also the opening line of Funny or Die's totally spot-on spoof of the "scandal." You get to decide which tone you prefer.

Us? We'll take the sarcastic, please!

The clip uses real women as actors pretending to be patients of Planned Parenthood, bravely telling their stories of all the horrifying normal screenings and procedures they've received at clinics. Some of them have even been subjected to (gasp!) advice on prenatal care or contraceptives. It's truly shocking what they've been through, but somehow they've lived to tell their stories. 

"I was pregnant when I first went to Planned Parenthood," says one of the participants. "And they led me down a narrow hallway into a little room filled with medical instruments and they gave me great advice for prenatal care." And it gets worse: "They wanted to know everything...about my medical history," she continued.

Another woman had an even scarier experience, saying "They asked to take my blood pressure. My blood pressure!" They even had the gall to ask her to wear a hospital gown.

And there's more. "Planned Parenthood overwhelmed me with the ability to make my own choices," said a brave soul. "Without having to ask my Congressman!" 

Chilling. Truly chilling.

Watch the entire video to fully educate yourself on these issues. Funny or Die is here to make sure that no woman has to suffer the indignity of competent medical care and family planning ever again.

Oh, wait...that's Congress' job.

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