Matt LeBlanc had some explaining to do.

He stopped by Conan in January and confessed a pretty shocking admission: He told Prince Harry and Prince William to "f--k off" because they kept on asking him about a Friends reunion while attending a Polo match!

Much to Conan O'Brien's chagrin, the Episodes star came on the show again Tuesday and admitted that he didn't think anyone in the United Kingdom watched Conan!

"It's a big deal, this show!" LeBlanc realized.

"So, you thought you were speaking anonymously?" O'Brien joked.

Just to stick it to him, O'Brien had LeBlanc rehash the story that got him into some trouble abroad. But this time the Joey actor made sure to emphasize that he was "clearly kidding."

"It was 10 days in a row of interviews all day long to launch the show and everyone asked, 'So why did you tell the princes to f--k off? Why would you say that?'" LeBlanc recalled.

Prince William, Prince Harry, Matt LeBlanc

Express Newspapers via AP Images, Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

As an American in London, LeBlanc knew better than to offend the royals—they do have an official set of conduct rules, after all! "It was a joke. They're A) bigger than me and B) that would be rude," LeBlanc added.

Feeling generous, O'Brien gave LeBlanc an opportunity to redeem himself. He allowed the actor to say what he really would have said to the princes given the opportunity for a do-over.

"I would like to say that they are very handsome," said LeBlanc, giving his best Joey Tribbiani facial expression.

Too bad he didn't give viewers his classic pick-up line, "How you doin'?" But we can't say we're surprised—the way he joked about the royals asking about a Friends reunion makes us think that he's trying to leave his Tribbiani days behind him. Sadly, it seems like Jennifer Aniston is, too.

Aniston, who co-starred on the hit series with LeBlanc, didn't invite him or Matthew Perry to her surprise nuptials. "They took off on their honeymoon," he told E! News Monday at a Television Critics Association event in L.A. "I'll see her when she gets back."

Perry also admitted to being caught off guard by her wedding to Justin Theroux. "It was a surprise to me as well." That said, he added, "They're a lovely couple, and I'm happy for them."

Asked if he was sorry to miss the wedding, the Odd Couple actor told People, "I wasn't invited. So what can you do?"

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