Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family/Eric McCandless

One of TV's greatest mysteries has finally been solved!

Pretty Little Liars finally revealed who's been tormenting a bunch of teenagers for six/two? years, and wove quite a complicated tale that we're still attempting to process. 

Apparently, however, most other fans have had plenty of time to process that midseason finale and have determined that they did not like it. 

One fan even created a petition asking for an entirely new A to be chosen and for the entire reveal to be completely refilmed.

As you probably already know, A was revealed to be CeCe Drake, also known as Charles, who transitioned to Charlotte, and was going by CeCe as she got to know—and torment—Ali and her friends whenever she was allowed outside of Radley. 

The whole story's quite convoluded, sad, and totally twisted, and seemed to be the last straw for some fans of the long-running ABC Family series, as it was easy to see on Twitter after the episode aired on the east coast. 

Of course, not everyone was disappointed in what that finale had to offer. 

And some people had the same concerns that we did, about the poor moms still locked in that basement: 

Seriously. Are they OK?! 

How did you feel about that ending? And what do you think is going on in that flashforward? Head to the comments to weigh in! 

Pretty Little Liars will return to ABC Family this winter. 

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