No Escape, Poster

The Weinstein Company

We hope we're not overstating things, but Owen Wilson is kind of a comedy genius. We'll never stop quoting epic lines from Wedding Crashers and Zoolander's Hansel pretty much deserves a movie to himself. (Can we trademark that idea, actually?)

But Wilson is no stranger to more serious parts. And no, we're not talking about that appearance on Drunk History. We're referring to his upcoming flick No Escape—the actor takes on a super scary plot line with a side of action. The thriller follows an American businessman (Wilson) and his family as they relocate to Southeast Asia. Sounds kind of idyllic, right? Living in a fancy hotel suite, lounging at the pool, eating exotic food, taking tuk-tuk rides through the city. Well, not so much.

The life of luxury soon turns into a living nightmare when the family finds themselves smack dab in the middle of a violent (read: very violent) political uprising. As rebels attack the city, they're forced to find a way to safety all on their own. It sure makes you want to plan a trip, doesn't it?

All of this chaos creates a totally new challenge for Owen Wilson. Instead of cracking jokes or picking up chicks at weddings or keeping tabs on a very bizarre hotel, he's running through the streets of an unnamed Southeast Asian city and battling machete-wielding fighters. Oh, and he's also attempting to save some lives, too. 

It's a whole different side of the actor than most of his fans know, but we're liking this badass new Owen Wilson. And we've got a brand new clip from the upcoming movie so that you can see for yourselves. In this scene, the rebel movement is closing in on the family's hotel and Owen is desperately trying to save his young daughter, who is taking a very unfortunately-timed swim in the hotel pool. It's a portion of the movie we like to call, "d--nit Lucy!"

Check out the tension-filled clip below, and hold on to your hats, people.

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