Victoria Beckham

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With that crisp head-to-toe look, it's hard to believe that Victoria Beckham had just hopped off a plane at LAX. But is it really that surprising that Posh Spice would look so, well, posh, for the airport? The answer: Nope!

In true Victoria style, the singer-turned-designer donned a razor-sharp airport ensemble, and rest assured it looks every penny as expensive as it actually is.

The 41-year-old modeled a breezy-chic shift dress from her Victoria, Victoria Beckham resort 2016 collection. The dress doesn't hit stores until October, which may be good thing. Because you'll need to start saving up now if you want to pocket the $1,440 confection.

Wearing comfy flats at the airport? Not  a chance when you're Posh. Instead the cutting-edge designer picked a pretty pair of Lanvin wedges, which admittedly must be more forgiving than her usual stilettos. Still, there's nothing cozy about that $1,545 price tag.

Shockingly enough, the eponymous designer forewent a pair of sunglasses from her line—of which Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lopez are huge fans—and instead slipped on a pair of Cutler and Gross sunnies, which cost a whopping $472 a pair.

Only accounting for three items, Victoria's airport style comes in at a seriously expensive $3,457 total.

Breaking it down piece-by-piece:
Victoria, Victoria Beckham dress - $1,440
Lanvin wedges - $1,545
Cutler and Gross sunnies - $472


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