Canidates, GOP Debate

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Tonight's the night, the first primetime Republican primary debate, featuring 10—count 'em!—10 presidential hopefuls.

Polling results put Donald Trump at the head of the pack heading into the first of a handful of televised jousts to see who can take President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (oh yes, and each other) down harder.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was relegated to the earlier, "happy hour" debate, as was Carly Fiorina (who herself described this early stretch of the campaign as the "silly season"), and five more of the lesser pollers, subtracting a few points of interest from the main event. But we assume there will be plenty of good nuggets to go around

As expected, quite a few celebrities—or as the evening's guests of honor might call them, the Hollywood elite—flipped on Fox News to watch the spectacle unfold.

And before a single question was asked, before one thing had  the tweets started to fly, about Fox News' Megyn Kelly, one of the three moderators, the awkwardness of when the candidates were first announced and no one walked in, then they were announced again...

Here's a sampling:

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