Finally! We have a website that tells us the weather in a way that makes sense to us. What?! That's for boring nerds who don't want their weather reports with a side of hunky celeb beef!

We're talking about The Hot Damn Weather Tumblr, which gives you the temperature outside in the form of sexy celeb GIFs and photos. So when someone asks you what it feels like outside, you can say stuff like: "It's Tom Hardy hot!" And that means you'd better put on some sunscreen because it is straight boiling outside.

Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, Lupita-Nyong'o, Joe Mangianello and Natalie Dormer are just some of the extremely attractive stars that are helping deliver important weather updates using their ridiculously good-looking faces and bodies. This is what the Internet was made for, guys. Sure, it's the information superhighway and all that, but we'd rather the power of the World Wide Web be used for this kind of stuff.

Now, there are plenty of extremely attractive celebs to use on the days when the temperature is hot, but what about those bitter cold months? Well, if Hot Damn Weather needs it, here are some GIFs of people who make our blood ice over instantly, for one reason or another:

Donald Trump:

Cold Weathe

A White Walker from Game of Thrones:

Cold Weathe

Justin Bieber being a smug brat:

Justin Bieber


Heidi Montag ugly-crying:

Cold Weathe

Everyone who was in Rebecca Black's music video for "Friday":

Cold Weathe

Regan from The Exorcist:

Makeup/No makeup GIFs

This Tumblr is a revolutionary idea that can change the way we talk about how hot or cold we are. Now next time the temperature in your office is at a brisk 50 degrees (seriously, why are offices are freaking cold?!), you can wrap a sweater around yourself and say something like "Brrr! It's Donald Trump in a thong up in here!"

Actually, "Donald Trump in a thong" is a more accurate description for when our body temp has dropped so low that we are legally dead. Which his fitting, seeing as that's exactly what we want to be should we ever see Donald Trump in a thong.

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