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From one former View host to another potential moderator...

Candace Cameron Bure stopped by Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Sexy Funny radio show on Sirius XM on Wednesday, where the Fuller House opened up about her guest-hosting gig on The View amid speculation that she's officially joining the ABC talk show (E! News previously reported that Sherri Shepherd and Cameron Bure are both in talks to become regular contributers). 

Under the leadership of Barbara Walters, McCarthy joined the show in September 2013 as a replacement for Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She announced her exit from the series in June 2014 amid a number of hosting shake-ups. 

"You're very outspoken…" McCarthy told Cameron Bure before giving insight into her own personal exit. "Before I had joined, they said to me 'We got rid of Elisabeth because she's very polarizing…and then it switched to 'Oh we need polarizing we need a villain back at the table. Can you do a little more conservative? Can you fight a little bit' and I was like 'You know you picked the wrong person.'"

Drawing on her own experiences, McCarthy then asked Bure, "How do you go in as a Christian woman and go, ‘OK, I'm taking a job where I'm essentially putting myself in a war zone and do things that aren't necessary sometimes Christian?'"

"I haven't taken the job, so there's nothing official about me doing The View at this point," the conservative stunner clarified before answering McCarthy's question. "But I know how I am as a woman and how I would like to conduct myself…my whole career, I've been working since I was 5, even when I came back in the last seven years after taking a little break to be ‘mommy' fulltime, I've always stayed my course—I've always stayed true to who I am." 

She added: "I've said no to a lot of things because the job or the celebrity or the money is not worth it to me to not be true to myself." 

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Cameron Bure continued, insisting she's not the right fit if producers are looking for an aggressive host. 

"Every time I guest co-host on that show, I don't want to be that judge-y person and I never will be," she said. "Will I share my opinion? Yeah, but that's what it is—it's my opinion. You don't have to believe it; you don't have to agree with it. I'm not there to force it on somebody and if someone wants me to go head to head and fight and argue—I'm not that person, I will never do that." 

While McCarthy didn't disagree with Bure, the 42-year-old radio host replied that it's "so much easier said than done." 

"All of a sudden you find yourself doing things you would never do and say and that's where I go, 'You've got to be a little bit scared to take that,'" McCarthy continued. "For instance, you'll be the only one at that table with your point of view and there are some very strong alphas at that table. So they bring up Donald Trump, what do you say? Are you behind Donald Trump, personally?" 

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Candace Cameron Bure

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"Still considering all the options," the former DWTS contestant said, pausing to gather her thoughts. "He's not my personal frontrunner, no" 

Asked whether she believes in the presidential hopeful's "belief systems," the actress replied, "There are somethings that are very interesting to me that I want to hear more about. Sometimes his frankness is a little too frank for me and sometimes it makes me go ‘Wow I'm kind of glad that he's just talking about that and opening up a conversation.'" 

The mother of three then restated, "He's not the person that's my frontrunner who I really really want to hear everything about." 

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