Justin Bieber


Sorry, U.K. Beliebers: You won't be seeing Justin Bieber later this month.

The "Where Are Ü Now" singer broke the news to fans Tuesday night that he would no longer be performing at the Fusion Festival in England Aug. 28. He apologized to his followers on Twitter, releasing a statement that explained an "unforeseen issue" is preventing him from taking the stage.

"UK beliebers I'm going to make this up to you soon," he tweeted with an attached statement.

"To all my UK beliebers," the statement read, "Due to an unforeseen issue I will be unable to perform at the Fusion Festival on August 28th. I support the Prince's Trust wholeheartedly and I am deeply disappointed I won't be able to perform. I look forward to the opportunity to give my UK beliebers a great show in the near future, and hope to honor my commitment to Trust at that time."

Although the "Home to Mama" crooner apologized for his unexpected cancelation, he added that he didn't expect the media to take the news too well. "And now the Uk press will start to tear me apart. Comes with the job. Love u guys regardless and I will make this up to you," he assured.

He tweeted he "will see u soon UK," but so far, no announcements have been made for a rescheduled performance. He did, however, treat fans to another surprise a few hours later. Although fans are eagerly anticipating his new single, "What Do You Mean?" and forthcoming album, he teased that it's not too far away!

"Back to the studio," he wrote. "Need to finish this album. Might have a name."

Bieber opened up about his next album to Ryan Seacrest and said that he has been working incredibly hard on it. "I get in my head a lot and I get kind of depressed because I want it to work so badly," he told the radio host last week. "I want people to love it. I want to inspire people...Sometimes I wonder, 'Is this good enough? Is this the direction I want to go?' I had kind of a rough week last week. I get in my head and I don't want to get out of bed sometimes." 

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