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Real Housewives of Rosewood, anyone? 

If they survive, that is. 

Yep. When tonight's episode ended, the moms were all trapped in the basement at the Hastings house, and it actually gave us a lot more anxiety than we have ever had when any of the girls were trapped in basements throughout the series. 

The moms spent the evening gathered together around food and wine to gossip, bond, and compare notes about all the insanity that has gone down over the past couple years. 

Their mom-bonding went down during the faux prom they were throwing for the girls, after the girls were banned from the real Rosewood High prom over safety concerns. 

While the girls eventually ended up at the real prom anyway (in order to chase down Alison, who was hoping to meet Charles), the moms continued their own party, until it was crashed by Rhys. 

The creepy dude from the Carissimi Group was apparently looking for a DiLaurentiis because he had a few work-related questions. He disappeared fairly quickly, with the moms fairly sure they had just met Charles.

They then followed a sound into the basement (always a bad idea), expecting to find Alison's dad, Kenneth. Instead, they found themselves trapped in the most classic horror movie move ever. If the first rule of survival is don't split up, rule number two is definitely dont go into the basement. 

Meanwhile, at the prom, Aria discovered that her photographer friend Clarke isn't as much a photographer as he is an undercover cop! With a gun! The group was quick to be pretty sure he was not a good guy, but he started flashing a badge and revealed that he was there to protect Alison (if it wasn't too late), while Aria still felt rather betrayed. 

The prom wasn't all shock and betrayal, however, as all the on-again-off-again couples shared a little moment during a slow dance, including Aria/Ezra, Spencer/Toby, Emily/Sara, and Hanna/Caleb. Haleb is doing especially well, given that Caleb asked Hanna to move to New York with him. We also learned that Aria will be heading to LA after graduation (which she is not allowed to attend) for the internship she won, but she doesn't want Ezra to follow her there. 

And finally, Alison managed to come face to face with Charles at the end of the prom, but of course, we'll have to wait until next week's midseason finale to see the same face she OMG'd at. 

Honestly, it is about time, and next Tuesday cannot come soon enough. 

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family. 

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