In this deleted clip from Stewarts & Hamiltons, Ashley Hamilton reveals surprising details about his love life.

While on a date, Ashley and his girlfriend Ali stop by Wylder's Holistic Pet Center and Rescue just outside of Los Angeles for a for a bit of puppy playtime.

While on their play date, Ali falls head-over-heals in love with one super-cute puppy named Bigsby!

But it turns out, Ali isn't the only one who's smitten. Ashley reveals in a confessional his true feelings for his 25-year-old girlfriend. "Ali's a really sweet girl," he says. "Ali's really smart, she's a really good person."

Stewarts & Hamilton, Ashley

In the same interview, Ashley reveals more details on his dating history, "Five years ago, I think, was the last time I seriously dated somebody."

Smitten as he may be, he still has some concerns about the relationship. "She's 25, for me I think's a little young," he says of the age gap.

So is the couple considering getting a cute puppy together, despite Ashley's concerns? Watch the deleted scene above to find out!

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