PEZ dispensers

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Hollywood, this is a public service announcement: Please stop making movies about absolutely nothing.

We can get on board with the toy-themed flicks. After all, Toy Story is a damn classic and The Lego Movie was nothing less than Oscar-worthy. But then you got cocky, Hollywood. You thought that the people of America were so stupid that they would pay money to see, well, anything. Because seriously, Pixels? Come on. Then came news of a forthcoming Emoji movie. And now this...this is the last straw. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there is a Pez candy animated movie in development. That's right: Pez. As in that chalky crap masquerading as a treat, that was basically only good for the collectible dispensers it came in. And even those were only a novelty on the level of Happy Meal toys. They're certainly not worthy of their own movie. But apparently somebody thinks they are.

Apparently Envision Media Arts has signed a deal with Pez to create an animated flick based on who knows what. (The superhero-themed dispensers? That horrible taste in your mouth after you accidentally eat a piece of the candy?). The script will be written by Cameron Fay, who is currently working on Brother in Laws, starring comedians like Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson and Gillian Jacobs, so there is at least hope the flick will be funny. But really, how funny could a Pez movie be?

There's no word on when this probable monstrosity will hit theaters, nor who will be starring in it. But we have heard that Kevin James and Adam Sandler are free. Wouldn't that be just the thing to complete the circle?

Your move, Hollywood.

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